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January 6, 2012

Favorite apps

In this post, Blue Door Consulting’s Heidi Strand asks for recommendations of apps that improve your life …

Everyone has their tried-and-true apps; the ones they check frequently or rely on daily. Mine? BBC News, Pandora, iBooks, among a few others. But, the list is small. Even after hours and hours of restless searching, I’m at a loss and faced with a dilemma I’m hoping readers can assist with …

Heidi StrandWhat apps are truly worth paying for and downloading?

According to the study, created by Chetan Sharma Consulting, mobile app downloads are anticipated to reach almost 50 billion in 2012. Apple promotes it offers more than 500,000 in its store alone.

So, with all the choices available, which ones are truly beneficial? Call me pragmatic, but games simply don’t cut it for me.

I want apps that improve my productivity, help me live life more fully and provide a purpose that is clearly value-added.

So, I’m reaching out to Blue Door Consulting’s readership and asking the question:

What apps improve your life and why?

Please let me know and I’ll check them out! Thanks.