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August 26, 2013

One in a Billion – Getting Found on Facebook

Blog Post Icon Digital WorldWhile Facebook® has had over a billion users for a while, earlier this year they surpassed the 15 million mark for the number of business pages. With all that data, it would seem that the new Graph Search feature came along just in time. The semantically infused new search tool allows Facebook users the ability to find what they’re looking for in context with a myriad of social signals.

But simply having a business page on Facebook isn’t enough to get your brand noticed. Many of the same SEO best practices used for websites can (and should) be used to help your business page stand out. If you are creating a business page, or want to improve the one you have, consider the following tips to increase traffic and attract more users.  

  • Utilize good on page SEO – be thoughtful when developing the content for your business information, description, biography, contact info, etc. Include keywords most frequently used by your target demographic to find you. Your unique Facebook URL should be something that accurately and uniquely identifies your brand.
  • Location, location, location – it’s now more important than ever to make sure that your address is accurate. Your users will be able to conduct geographically based searches, and you want to be in the right set of results.
  • Quality content is king – post things that people will want to share and engage with. Encourage likes, comments, and tags to get people to interact with your content. Remember that people typically like high resolution photos and videos over plain text. Above all, keep the content relevant to your business.  
  • Timing is everything – Post often, but don’t spam the news feeds of your followers. Find a good schedule for posting your content (pay attention to reach and engagement at different times) and then stick to it.
  • Learn about Edgerank – this is what Facebook uses to determine when your content should appear in your users’ feeds. This excellent infographic from PostRocket explains more about it.  This is how most of your content will be seen, so it pays to know how the formula works.
  • Advertise – if you’ve already checked off the items above, and still want to boost your brand’s visibility, you can become one of the million business pages that actively advertise on Facebook.

As always, keep an eye on the horizon. The amount of social data contained on Facebook’s servers continues to grow, and that growth will continue to bring changes to the way information is organized and searched.