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December 11, 2014

Social Media Shopification

Facebook and Twitter Buy ButtonsAt Blue Door Consulting, we’re always keeping an eye on social media trends. One I am predicting will be big in 2015 is the use of social media buy buttons. Back in September, Facebook® and Twitter® announced beta testing for buy buttons attached to paid tweets and posts. Twitter Chief Executive Officer Dick Costolo used the term, ‘in the moment commerce’ to describe how the Twitter buy button allows customers to easily make purchases (in the moment) without having to navigate away from their social surfing.

What Buy Buttons Mean to You

Facebook and Twitter buttons have the potential to take your social media advertising campaign to the next level. Below are several benefits:

  • It’s easy – How many times have you noticed an offer and planned to go back to it when you finished going through your newsfeed, but never did? Now, customers can make the purchase in the moment without interrupting their sessions.

  • Time sensitive offers – Strategically schedule sales and time sensitive offers for peak times.

  • Make the connection – Advertisers have struggled for years to definitively connect tweets and posts to sales. With available tracking, you can easily see when a post or tweet converts to a sale.

  • A/B testing – Buy buttons allow advertisers to see which ads make the most impact. Advertisers can zero in on the most effective ad strategy by tweaking headlines or using a different call-to-action.

  • See your ROI – Advertisers can justify the resources being allocated to social media by connecting dollars and hours spent to sales generated by their campaigns.

The Future of Social Media Buy Buttons

Twitter and Facebook buy buttons are still in the beta stage, but advisers far and wide are clamoring to give it a try. Both outlets have indicated they want to get this right. Social media is foremost about interaction between groups of people, so the last thing they want to do is take away from that experience. Watch for more updates right here as this great new feature evolves.