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First EAA Meeting Scheduled, BDC Offices

out of the blue August 1, 2008

Jaimy Szymanski | Web & DigitalNow that I’ve caught the attention of 397 aviation enthusiasts who searched EAA as in “Experimental Aircraft Association” (Operation: Take Advantage of SEO Whenever Possible, complete), I’m sorry to say that this blog will be about everything but homebuilt and hobby aircraft.

Okay, not everything, but at least a topic on the other end of the spectrum.

By EAA I, of course, am talking about E-mail Addicts Anonymous.

In a recent SitePoint blog post by Josh Catone, there were some very interesting (albeit not-so-suprising) statistics regarding America’s growing obsession with checking e-mail at all times.

Literally, at all times: According to the attributed AOL e-mail addiction survey, 59 percent of people admit to checking their e-mail in the bathroom. Thank God no further details were given with that stat.

So, I propose a gathering of Oshkosh, Wis., e-mail addicts at Blue Door Consulting’s offices next Thursday, Aug. 7 at 5 p.m. Bring yourself and any other individuals you feel suffer from the impeding woes of e-mail addiction.

At the EAA meeting, you can expect plenty of rigorous discussion about how to tackle e-mail’s domination in our lives, and you will leave with a list of measurable action steps to rid its controlling prescence once and for all.

Or, there will just be good wine.

It’s all up in the air.