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Brand Consistency

Brenda Haines | Customer Experience DesignY’know that moment where you realize you should’ve gotten lunch 2 hours ago?

Your stomach rumbles. Focus wavers. Blood sugar plunges. Feelings of desperation set in? (If you are experiencing these symptoms, stop reading and get something to eat!)

In times of need, Jimmy John’s has become my salvation.


It’s what they call it ‘Freaky Fast’ delivery and I call a phenomenal example of bringing a brand promise to life. Their delivery is so quick that we’ve actually begun looking over our shoulders while hanging up the phone. Today, the delivery driver opened the door 8 minutes after I started dialing for delivery.

‘Freaky Fast’ means a franchise is functioning on all cylinders and has done its homework, building a strong operational foundation: good staffing levels, efficient internal operations and motivated hires, willing to pull together to get sandwiches out the door.

Lots of people talk about on-time delivery. Jimmy John’s takes it to a whole new level. Pardon the inadvertent pun, but that is delivering on a brand promise.

out of the blue Brenda Haines September 12, 2008

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