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Learning the Ropes

out of the blue June 9, 2009

In this post: An intern’s view of Blue Door Consulting …

Megan WuskeRecently I was approached about blogging for Blue Door Consulting. I was thrilled about the opportunity and, as a new intern, I am looking forward to spilling the beans about my journey with a few marketing and consulting notes thrown in for good measure.

Interning at BDC has definitely confirmed and furthered my passion for the marketing and branding industry. This confirmation motivates and inspires me.

Throughout high school and most of college, many of my friends had detailed paths resulting in the claim of a profession they have dreamt about since grade school. Before finding the marketing world, the professions I wanted to pursue changed from a journalist, to a psychologist, to an artist, and to a professor. I always felt flawed in some way because I never had an unwavering direction that led to what I’ve wanted to do in life. It didn’t help that I had friends with the knowledge since birth that they wanted to be a doctor, teacher, etc. Even though I didn’t always know exactly what I wanted to be, what I did know is a profession that allowed me to continue to learn and be creative was important to me.

Blue Door has made me realize that I’m not as much of a misfit as I once thought. After starting at BDC I realized that all of the passions that I’ve tried to fit into a career somehow melded perfectly into what I am learning about and aspiring to do. I am able to write (journalist), be creative and think outside of the box (artist), learn about what makes people tick (psychologist), and constantly research, read, and learn about new topics (professor). The best part is that two days are never the same!

I was unsure of what to expect when I started at BDC. I won’t lie-I was anxious and nervous. I checked out marketing and social media books galore-The New Rules of Marketing and PR by David Meerman Scott, Join the Conversation by Joseph Jaffe, and various books by Seth Godin.

I must admit, reading these books were entertaining and I learned a lot, but the things I have benefited most from are the exhilarating challenges from projects and the people I am lucky enough to work with while at BDC. I am not treated like a typical intern, and I have many opportunities to try new things and stretch my skills. I’m looking forward to what’s in store.