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The Future of Social Media: A Haiku

out of the blue November 20, 2009

In this vlog post…the ladies of Blue Door Consulting present their thoughts on the future of social media in their first edition of an industry haiku series.

Andrea WisdorfThere’s no doubt about it, social media is here to stay. Most of us have witnessed firsthand the shift of social media from questionable trend to useful necessity, and we are continuing to witness it change as we figure out what works, what doesn’t and how best to use the tools in front of us.

Here at Blue Door, we often wonder what social media will be like in the future and thought that this question would make an interesting vlog post. But…we wanted to do something different. Something that showcased our unique viewpoints and personalities. Something that could perhaps be part of a larger project. Possibly succinct. Maybe dramatic. Definitely fun.

Like…a haiku!

Cue the bongo drums…

Have a response of your own? Comment below or upload your own video (in haiku, of course) to the Blue Door Consulting Facebook Fan Page!