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Baby Mail

out of the blue Ann Padley February 12, 2012

In this post, Ann Padley explores direct mail mistake #1: Having the wrong people on your mail list …

My husband and I fit the young professional, career-loving demographic. We love to try new things, seek adventure and eat really good food. Now, I’ll get personal for a moment; we kind of have a ‘babies don’t travel well’ mentality (i.e.: we’re good with a dog for now).

Now, to my point.

Two weeks ago I received a full box of baby formula in the mail (I’m told it has an estimated street value of $49). Yesterday I received my first of a 12-month subscription to American Baby magazine and a survey about my favorite baby products.

I get angry every time this happens (occupational hazard I suppose), ‘THEY ARE WASTING THEIR MARKETING DOLLARS!’ While it’s true I’m the “demographic,” this is not an acceptable excuse. (And, it became even less so when I found out BDC’s madrigal singing, fun-loving, college Freshman, summer intern is on the same mail list).

Now stop and think for a moment. Is this what is happening to your marketing dollars? Are you sending proverbial baby formula to college freshmen?

I went directly to the source – the United States Postal Service website – to find some handy direct mail tips to pass along to you. Here are a couple articles from their Deliver Magazine that might interest you:

10 Direct Mail Mistakes to Avoid ( )

List Hygiene: Your Smartest Move (

– Ann