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Jenny Haas

Marketing Consultant

Jenny Haas Portrait

Positivity, Communication, Connectedness, Woo, Achiever

Growing up I wanted to be an interior designer. I was obsessed with watching HGTV® and I idolized Genevieve Gorderon Trading Spaces®. My sister and I would redesign every room in my parent’s home and tried to DIY anything we could get our hands on. That was how I really discovered that I had a love for creativity. From there I went to high school and developed a passion for creative writing and English. I got energy in storytelling in any form. l was and still am one of those super weird people who gets excited by presenting. So, it really wasn’t a surprise when I went to college and majored in Communication. From there, I had an internship in video production (again… big surprise) which turned into a full time big-girl job for me. I then worked at a full-service marketing agency in Green Bay as an Account Executive, where I grew my skills in all things marketing. I moved on to PMI Entertainment Group, marketing concerts and events for the Resch Center, Brown County Arena and Shopko Hall. I got to meet cool artists that allow me some bragging rights, ranging from Stevie Nicks to Five Finger Death Punch.

All of that has led me to Blue Door Consulting today. I absolutely love helping clients communicate their stories. Whether it be through video, a billboard, social media, websites, digital ads or what-have-you, I am jazzed to help companies share their personality and what makes them unique.

Outside of Blue Door Consulting, you can find me outside with friends and family. I’ve done some super cool things like climbing a mountain and swimming with sharks… but normally most of my hobbies include kayaking, canoeing, ATVing, hiking or just having a beer outside.

Get in Touch with Jenny

“Our job is to love others without stopping to inquire whether or not they are worthy” — Thomas Merton
Favorite TV or Movie Character

Kitty Forman from That ‘70s Show. I love to imitate her laugh!

Favorite Movie

Tommy Boy ♫♪♪ Fat Guy in a little coat ♫♪♪

Occupation in Another Life

Nothing gets me more excited than throwing things away and organizing… so I’d say I’d be the next Marie Kondo.

Pet Peeve

Women’s clothing with fake pockets

Favorite Beer/Cocktail/Adult Beverage

Old Fashioned Southern Comfort Sour – with olives!

Favorite Board Game

Taboo – if you have the right partner.

Bucket List

Visiting every national park with my husband.

Favorite Holiday

Fourth of July. Awesome weather, great food, no gifts, friends and family. That’s all I need!