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Melissa Blank

Melissa Blank

Marketing Consultant

“Blessed are the curious for they shall have adventures.”

Communication, Strategic, Positivity, Input, Woo (Winning Others Over)

Life is the journey you make it, and I’m just getting started with mine. Growing up in a myriad of Illinois cornfield made me hungry for new scenery and much more adventure. After a few years enjoying Wisconsin’s outdoor offerings, my husband, beloved cat and I transplanted to Washington State.

I approach my life and my work with a natural sense of curiosity and excitement, perfect character traits for a member of the Blue Door Consulting team. I am so happy to be here, whether ‘here’ is in Wisconsin or Washington. As a people person, I want to help organizations communicate effectively and creatively with their target audiences. That led me to Bradley University in Peoria, IL for a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication (Public Relations Concentration).

Following graduation I hopped 35 miles east for a Master’s Degree in Communication at Illinois State University. I enriched my course work by teaching general education communication courses and interning in the COUNTRY Financial Marketing Department. The internship translated into a position as the United Way of McLean County Marketing and Communication Manager. In this position I was able to merge my love for marketing, strong communities and people. When it was time to move north, those same professional passions made Blue Door Consulting a great fit.

Outside of work you can find me exploring the Pacific Northwest or sharing my love of movement by coaching fitness classes locally and online. Ok everyone, relax into downward facing dog!


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Who I Would Like To Have Dinner With (Live, Dead Or Fictional)

Elizabeth Gilbert

Three Adjectives That Describe Me

Caffeinated. Creative. Adventurous.

Next Big Thing

Starbucks Delivery

Bucket List Item

Take a month to explore Europe’s best outdoor offerings.

What I Wanted To Be When I Grew Up


What Age I Would Like To Be Forever


Favorite Design Element

Compelling Imagery

Favorite Holiday