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Molly Thompson

Molly Thompson

Marketing Consultant

“Teamwork makes the dream work.” — John C. Maxwell

Harmony, Individualization, Discipline, Analytical, Developer

I burst onto the scene of life the year of ’91 when slap bracelets were all the rage and the biggest box office hit was Terminator 2: Judgement Day because, as promised, Arnold was back.

My childhood was spent in the good ol’ Fox Valley of Wisconsin playing softball on summer weekends and kiddie pool sledding on snowy winter nights. I thought my purpose in life would be to become a nurse, but I quickly realized my tolerance for blood and gore was nonexistent in anything other than a movie. After high school, I realized my true calling for communications and marketing while attending the University of Wisconsin-Madison, There I received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication Arts and was an active board member for the school’s Public Relations Student Society of America.

I was off and running on my career path right after graduation in May 2012. For a year and a half I worked for a small web development company as a project manager and social media specialist. I then moved into the corporate world at Kimberly-Clark Corporation where I continued to grow my skills in social media as a community manager for major international brands. I later led a sector of the community management team and learned the importance of risk management and crisis communication (be prepared, have a plan!). I love that I can put all this experience to work with Blue Door Consulting.

Outside of the blue door, you might spot me walking my mutt, Benji, or catching rays on Legend Lake where my family has a cottage. TV time is my favorite – HGTV is a household experience for the whole family. My dream of dreams is that I am Joanna Gaines in another life. I like to drag my friends to a good scary movie, but there’s no guarantee that I’ll keep my eyes open the entire time- I mean, how can you when [spoiler alert] the mom in The Conjuring gets tossed around like a ragdoll by a demon that has possessed her?? That’s scary (but good!) stuff.

Molly Thompson Portrait
Favorite TV Character

Veronica Mars

Occupation in Another Life


Pet Peeve

Toilet Paper Under

Favorite Board Game

Settlers of Catan

The Age I’d Like to Be Forever


Favorite School Subject


Favorite Holiday


What Song Best Sums Me Up

Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da by The Beatles