Cathy Mutschler

Cathy Mutschler

Senior Marketing Consultant

“Unbeing dead isn’t being alive” — e.e. cummings

Connectedness, Belief, Input, Individualization, Arranger

Growing up, I was determined to become either a giraffe or a prima ballerina, so it’s no surprise my 5’4,” pear-shaped frame landed at Blue Door Consulting! My wicked imagination, weird sense of humor and dogged drive align perfectly with Blue Door Consulting's values. By day, I enjoy maximizing a brand, building a nonprofit’s effectiveness or facilitating a strategic direction, 25+ years of experiences grown in a wide-range of roles and industries: as a planner at a regulatory publishing company, a credit union marketeer, Girl Scout CEO, foundation director and poverty fighter.

Nights and weekends, I’m a mom, a wife, a good ear, a volunteer…and a poet. As Cathryn Cofell, I’m the author of seven books of poetry and have been published in hundreds of literary journals. I believe the arts are crucial for positive health and advocate for an abundance of it, as a member of the WI Poet Laureate Commission and WI Academy of Sciences, Arts & Letters, and as a volunteer with numerous arts organizations in Northeast Wisconsin and beyond.

I am so lucky that Cathy Mutschler gets to play with words at work too, and both versions of me are firm believers in social justice and positive social health – volunteering for NAMI Fox Valley, INCLUDE and the Fox Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, hanging out with family and friends who are like family, and filling my spirit through travel, reading and as many hugs as I can get my arms around.


First Memory

Age 3, head in mom’s lap while she drove me to get stitches (see scar, left eyebrow)

Favorite Holiday

Thanksgiving. Family from both sides convene at our house; we host and buy, others cook, all enjoy a pre-eat magic show and post-eat games. It’s my Grandma Dolly’s tradition, with a Mutschler family twist.

Favorite Movie

Princess Bride

Who I Would Like To Have Dinner With (Live, Dead Or Fictional)

My father-in-law (he died before I met my husband) and my son’s birthmother – so many questions, so much gratitude

Favorite Adult Beverage

Red, red wine

All-Time Best Song

Into the Mystic by Van Morrison

Pet Peeve

Poor listeners. 

If I Could Live In Another Time Or Decade

Late 22nd century (curious how things turn out)