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Chris Arnold

Technical Consultant

Chris Arnold Portrait

Connectedness, Empathy, Strategic, Adaptability, Intellection

When you break it down, every organization, business, society and community is made up of people trying to get stuff done. We’re all hoping to go from who we are to who we want to be. We’re an aspirational species. As a technical consultant, my primary goal is to help get those things done by bridging the gap between technology and people.

Humans are really clever, and we have created all sorts of tools and techniques to make life easier. My role is to help find the right tools and techniques for the job. That takes deep listening to break down the task, or even to figure the task out in the first place. That’s where my strengths weave together: I like to think about ways to make things better.

Outside our blue door, I do the same kind of work in a different context. I’m a priest and spiritual director, which is a companion or counselor for the spiritual life. I help people focus on what’s important to them – their values and virtues. I suggest tools and techniques to help their personal and spiritual growth. Mostly, I listen. Listening is important.

I’m English by birth, but I lost the accent long ago. I’ve lived in Massachusetts, California, Washington, Kentucky and Kansas, but now happily reside in Oshkosh. I’m always on to the next hobby: cider-making, archery, cycling, kayaking or growing more native plants to help the bees and butterflies. The world is full of fascinating things. Why not explore them?

Get in Touch with Chris

For a lack of attention a thousand forms of loveliness elude us everyday. — Evelyn Underhill
Favorite Movie

“Good Will Hunting”, It’s a story about the healing power of deep listening. Plus, I grew up in Boston!

Pet Peeve


All-Time Best Song

There are too many good songs! A song I’ve loved dearly since high school, though, is “Carolyn’s Fingers” by Cocteau Twins.

Who I’d Like to Have Dinner With

Teresa of Avila

Favorite Board or Video Game

During the pandemic I got back into Dungeons & Dragons for the first time in decades.

Bucket List

Hiking St. Cuthbert’s Way in Scotland and North East England.

Most Famous Person I’m Related To

My grandmother, Lorna Arnold. She was the official historian for the UK Atomic Energy Authority.

What I Wanted to Be When I Grew Up

A marine biologist.