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Jessica Heintz

Marketing Consultant

Jessica Heintz Portrait

Communication, Strategic, Relator, Learner, Achiever

English and writing were always my favorite classes in school. I particularly enjoyed the editing, whether it was a creative writing project or a history report. In high school, my classmates would wait in line for me to review their papers. Fast forward to today and editing remains one of my favorite things, and friends still send me cover letters, emails and even sloppy sentences to revise.

I graduated with a journalism degree from UW-Oshkosh. I didn’t actually want to be a journalist, but it involved writing and seemed like a more versatile career path than English. In college, I learned to drop the Oxford comma and use only one space after a period, which has spurred several passionate at-work debates with a surprising number of people.

While my degree’s emphasis was in news and editorial, I learned a lot about PR and advertising as well, which led me to a marketing career. Since graduation, I’ve been working in both B2B and B2C with content marketing roles that fuel my passion for writing and editing.

Outside of work, I mostly hang with my husband, kiddo and dogs. Hobbies include vacuuming, serving snacks and thinking of DIY home projects for my husband. I am hopeful that someday I’ll have a yard large enough to add two “Oreo®” (Belted Galloway) cows to our family.

Get in Touch with Jessica

“The truth is more important than the facts.” — Frank Lloyd Wright
Favorite TV or Movie Character

Michael Westen from Burn Notice. He is smart, creative, resourceful, brave and loyal.

Favorite Movie

I have so many… The Thin Man series or Arsenic and Old Lace

If I Could Live in Another Time or Decade

1940s – I want to be born in 1920 so I am in my 20s during the 40s. Everyone could sing, play the piano and dance well. Fashion was amazing, and everyone’s hair was always flawless. (This dream is completely based off of old movies and pictures I’ve seen. My husband insists that I could not automatically sing and dance well if I lived in the 40s…)

Occupation in Another Life

Hair stylist

Pet Peeve

Annoying noises, like constant pen clicking

Favorite Board or Video Game

Mario Party 8 on the Nintendo® Wii

Favorite Holiday


What I Wanted to Be When I Grew Up

I always wanted to be a teacher and something else, which always changed–a nurse, an archaeologist, geologist, marine biologist… My mom always told me to just teach whatever the secondary interest was at that time