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Sunnie Pargo Portrait

Sunnie Pargo

Web Project Manager

Connectedness, Context, Relator, Developer, Positivity
Volunteer Organizations
Habitat for Humanity Minnesota, Outdoorsy Black Women

More About Sunnie

I wrote my first line of code in the sixth grade using Qbasics.  It was a simple application that mimicked a sunrise  and that I can honestly say started my journey to becoming a programmer.  At that time, I just knew that I wanted to develop programs that would help bring people happiness and entertainment.  A website called Black Planet sparked my interest in HTML and web design, and I began developing custom pages for friends. Myspace is where I learned about side hustles.  I found that I was able to legitimately earn income while doing something that made me excited!

I’ve always known that information technology, particularly web development, would be my career path.  I received my Bachelor’s of Computer and Information Science online through Kaplan University.   Prior to joining Blue Door Consulting, I worked as a technical liaison, data analyst and project manager, specializing in both product and website development.

When I’m not manipulating data and creating a bridge between client and programmer, you can find me hanging out with my family (both human and canine), tending my garden or competing in an esports competition. Being a better parent, partner, employee and competitive esports athlete all have the same thing in common: Practice makes perfect!  I love the challenge of making time to practice them all.


"He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life." — Muhammad Ali

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